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About Windy Rock Farm Retail Nursery

Windy Rock Farm Entrance SignWindy Rock Farm & Nursery is a fully retail (open to the public) specialty nursery.  Our range of offerings and scale are a perfect fit for homeowners interested in planting a pollinator/butterfly garden, rain-garden, shade garden, etc. and for small-scale landscapers whose clients desire native plant species with pollinator benefit.  We have no minimum purchase amount and do not require pre-orders or an appointment.  Though we are generally open 9-6, six days a week throughout the growing season, calling ahead to make sure we are not off-farm at a plant event is a good idea.

Established in 2002, our farm has been steadily growing for over 20 years with the retail specialty nursery opening in 2016.  Initially offering only 20 varieties of flowering trees and shrubs specifically to support honey bees, we now offer over 75 pollinator-friendly plant species with varying bloom-times to support the entire annual life-cycle of a wide range of Michigan's insect pollinators.

In 2021 we began offering a limited selection of disease resistant apple trees and late-blooming peach trees.  In response to strong customer interest and demand for a broader range of winter-hardy, disease resistant (low to no spray) fruit trees, we have since added pears, sweet cherry, blueberry, and black raspberry plants for sale as well.  Every spring we offer a bare-root fruit tree sale that provides homeowners the opportunity to get thoughtfully selected fruit tree varieties carefully matched to cold-hardy, disease resistant semi-dwarfing root stocks not available at big-box stores or even at most other nurseries.  Sign up for our periodic farm and nursery news e-mails below ("Let's Grow Together!") to stay informed of events, special offers, and other happenings at Windy Rock Farm & Nursery.

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