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About Windy Rock Farm Retail Nursery

Windy Rock Farm Entrance SignWelcome and thank you for visiting our website. Windy Rock Farm & Nursery is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC with no minimum purchase amount and no pre-order or appointment required with customers welcome to shop in the nursery at their own pace. We hope to see you soon!

Our farm has been slowly growing for over 20 years with the nursery opening in 2016. We initially offered about 20 varieties of flowering trees and shrubs of benefit to honey bees. As our understanding of other pollinators' needs grew, and in response to customer interest, we added perennial wildflowers and more Michigan native species. We evaluate and add new varieties every year and now offer about 50 varieties of perennial wildflowers and over 25 flowering tree and shrub species of benefit to pollinators. In 2021 we began offering a limited selection of disease resistant apple trees and late-blooming peach trees. In response to the encouraging customer demand for those, we plan on adding additional apple and peach varieties, as well as pear and sweet cherry trees and blueberry and black raspberry plants in early 2023.

Do you want to put in a pollinator garden, but don’t know where to begin? No problem! Your pollinator gardening success is our goal. After learning more about your specific growing situation (sun exposure, soil type and moisture, etc.), we can provide thoughtful plant suggestions best suited to meet your planting goals. We also provide garden design and plant selection services for larger projects at an hourly rate.

Most importantly, we endeavor to offer an experience where every customer – whether first-time gardener or Master Gardener, feels welcome and is served in an honest, respectful, and cheerful manner.

We welcome you to visit us April through October, Monday – Saturday, 9am – 6pm, and at select EVENTS across Michigan. As this is our home farm, calling ahead to confirm we are on site is encouraged.

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