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    Alder, Speckled (Alnus incana rugosa)

Jim Morefield from Nevada, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Soil type:  clay, muck, loam, sand, gravel, pH 4.8-7.7

Soil moisture:  wet to medium

Sun:  full sun to partial sun, very shade intolerant

Natural habitat:  wet, poorly drained areas, wet meadows, prairies, swamps

Tolerates:  wet sites, wide range of soil types, some drought once established

Height/Spread:  5’ – 25’ tall x 15’ – 25’ wide, moderately fast growing

Bloom range:  March - May, before leaf emergence

Hardiness Zone:  2 – 6

Noteworthy:  An important early blooming pollen source for bees and a host plant for multiple insects eaten by birds. Fast growing, multi-stemmed, clonal thicket-forming shrub or tree with tolerance for a range of soil types.

$35 (18"-36" / 3 gallon pot)

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